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Holub, Martin et al.
The theoretical possibility of support for families with children in social insurance. - Prague, RILSA 2010. 66 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-063-9
Fulltext (only in Czech)

Holub, Martin – Šlapák, Milan
Alternative forms of support for families with children in social insurance. - Prague, RILSA 2010. 111 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-062-2
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These studies focuses on the possibility of providing support for families with children in the social insurance system in the context of the overall family policy concept of the state. This issue is dealt with in two successive monographs the first of which deals with the theoretical possibilities of providing support for families with children by means of state social policy and the social insurance system and the second analytical part deals with foreign experience and practical model calculations. The project provides an overview of how family policy models in selected developed countries approach the support of families with children via their respective pension schemes. Furthermore, a further monograph will be devoted to alternative (unconventional) proposals for flexible forms of support for families with children under the social insurance system which will provide new insights into the topic which will refute existing myths and which will focus on a detailed analysis of certain pension system reform variants. The research includes a detailed description of population development in the Czech Republic and of the changing habits and preferences of family life and addresses the question of equivalence and solidarity within the pension system. A number of micro-and macro-economic models, which simulate foreign approaches to the subject and apply them to the Czech context, have been designed based on both the research findings and broader international experience. The project focuses on exploring innovative ways in which to support families with children by means of the pension insurance system, namely the concept of the so-called child pension, the possibility of basing pension insurance rates on the number of children or the possibility of a part of a child’s pension insurance premiums being assigned to his/her parents. On the basis of model calculations and the historical context of current economic and demographic theory, the research provides alternative proposals for the adjustment of support for families with children within the Czech pension system and provides an evaluation of their financial and social impacts. In conclusion, the authors note that the above theoretical concepts regarding forms of support for families with children via the social insurance system are not suitable for the Czech Republic either because they lack a theoretical anchor or because of their economic and administrative demands, while their impact on the income of families with children would be negligible.

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