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Trbola, Robert – Rákoczyová, Miroslava (eds.)
Selected aspects of the lives of foreigners in the Czech Republic.
Prague, RILSA 2010. 121 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-067-7

This publication is a collection of eight essays, which are from different points of view dealing with the issue of integration of immigrants in the Czech Republic. Thematically, the reader has an opportunity to look into the issue of integration of certain groups of immigrants into the life of the host society in a variety of dimensions and to assess some specific problems accompanying this process, whose final form is influenced by a number of factors of social, economic and cultural character. First two chapters are devoted to practical aspects of integration of foreigners in the labour market and the health insurance system. The authors highlight the specifics of which are in these two sectors associated with the integration of foreigners. These studies are then supplemented by probe into the topic of remittances sent from the Czech Republic, mainly by migrants from Ukraine. The issue of migration from Ukraine and post-Soviet countries is discussed in the next two chapters. Besides the analysis of working conditions of Ukrainian migrants, their economic strategies and skills mismatches between labour demand and supply, the reader has the opportunity to make sense of driven migration issue and subsequent adjustment processes of immigrants in the period after 1989. The following two studies are devoted to the issue of Vietnamese integration into Czech society. Besides the analysis of the identity of Vietnamese migrants on the basis of three levels of the individual positions after relocation, authors offer a deeper insight into the problems of economic activities in the ethnic economy, in the business segment, but newly also within the agency employment. Entirely new typology of immigrants from Third World countries bring authors in the last chapter in which they try to make partial picture of both, common and diverse features of the immigration strategies of this highly heterogeneous group of migrants, and in any type describe positive and negative aspects of their integration into the host society.

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