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Šlapák, Milan (eds.)  – Soukup, Tomáš – Vidovićová, Lucie– Holub, Martin
Financial preparation for life in retirement: awareness, attitudes and values.
Prague, RILSA 2010. 89 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-074-5

The paper maps the plans and behaviour patterns of people approaching retirement with respect to financial literacy, savings and investments as well as the measurement thereof, both on a self-assessment basis and as a result of having an objective knowledge of pension entitlements. The paper also provides a typology developed according to attitudes towards retirement planning; in addition to the “ordinary investor” it is possible to identify the “self-confident investor”, those who can be characterised by “live-for-today” attitude and those who “place a high degree of reliance on the state”. Retirement planning is significantly affected by an individual’s level of quantitative literacy. Government authorities should be able to increase the number of people who seriously consider their retirement by means of the introduction of a number of programmes, outlined in this study, which focus on enhancing the level both of financial literacy in general and a more specific knowledge of pension entitlements.

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New publication of the RILSA

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