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Barvíková, Jana – Svobodová, Kamila – Šťastná, Anna
Conditions for the function of social and legal protection of children on the level of “extended competency” municipal authorities.
Prague, RILSA 2010. 107 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-078-3

The aim of this publication is to monitor the staff utilisation of “extended competency” municipal authorities, i.e. those responsible for providing for the social and legal protection of children, as well as to quantify the whole range of activities involved in providing such protection, i.e. those defined in legislation and in terms of actual practice, including direct work with clients and issues surrounding prevention, education, legislation, administration, training and so on. Both quantitative and qualitative social science approaches were employed in the research. The aim of the quantitative research was primarily to determine the utilisation of employees of “extended competency” municipal authorities in relation to the number of clients and the work performed in terms of social and legal protection. The qualitative research was conducted in order to both extend and deepen the knowledge obtained in the quantitative part of the project. Interviews were conducted with managers of social and legal protection departments which focused on the conditions surrounding and problems connected with social work involving children and families, their experience of providing social and legal protection services, major employee stress factors, personnel issues and staff training.

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