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Zajíčková, Drahomíra – Vlach, Jan – Severová, Simona
Structure of consumption of households of employees and retirees in 2004-2008, socio-economic context at the beginning of the 21st century
Prague, RILSA 2010. 84 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-082-0

The publication aims to evaluate the information and to describe the relations of the consumption expenditures of households of pensioners, compared with households of workers in the Czech Republic at the micro level, i.e. on the basis of data provided by the Czech Statistics Office Household Budget Survey for the period 2004-2008, in particular:
a) trends and tendencies of development of expenditures of households of pensioners and workers,
b) trends and tendencies with a closer look at the evolution of consumption expenditures according to the specified age cohorts,
c) the relationship between the distribution of income to expenditure items to meet the needs of non-essential for human life and necessary.
During the reporting period, there was no significant decrease in expenditures of households of pensioners. It deepens the divide, however, the standard issue among households of pensioners in households of employees. The analysis for the period showed a slight decrease in the proportion of expenditure on essential goods in households of pensioners and the growing share of the discretionary objects.
With regard to the projection of demographic development, the publication also deals with conditions of employment of older people in the next 50 years. It is mapping the key macroeconomic issues of higher proportion of older less efficient seniors and the impacts of changes in consumption patterns on the economic development and ensuring of social security and health insurance.

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