New publication of the RILSA

Sirovátka, Tomáš - Kofroň, Pavel – Jahoda, Robert
Risks of income poverty and material deprivation in the Czech Republic (overall situation and selected aspects on the SILC data)
Prague, RILSA 2011. - 79 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-092-9

In this report we are focusing on the trends in risks of poverty, material and financial deprivation in the Czech Republic with use of data SILC 2007 and 2008, in some respects also SILC 2009. We deepen the analysis in several respects: we identify more precisely the weight of the factors influencing the risk of poverty. Second, we analyse the risk-of poverty in the case of the working population. Third, we provide analysis of the multiple deprivation according the indicators recommended by EC). Lastly we provide more detailed analysis of the development of housing costs and deprivation in items related to housing.
The findings presented in the report show that at-risk of poverty rate in the Czech Republic is relatively low and dropped during 2007-2009 and similarly poverty risk in the case of working population is low (3-4%). However the concentration of the risk of poverty is remarkable with the unemployed, incomplete families with children and families with many children and people between 18-25 and although effectiveness of the system of social security in alleviation of poverty is good, it is weaker in the case of the threatened groups. Secondly, material deprivation is slightly worse than the EU average, deprivation in items related to housing is somewhat stronger.
The measures suitable to eliminate the risks of poverty, material deprivation and social exclusion are relative complex with respect to the multiple causes of the above problems. As the most important apart of measures to improve incentives to work (which have been implemented in recent years) might be useful also other: increase of active labour market policies for the groups furthest away from the labour market, individual support to job search for them as well, reconciliation policies, guarantees of possibility to participate in public service or public works programmes. The monitoring of the developments of prices due to deregulation of rents and changes in VAT and respective revaluation of the social assistance benefits and other benefits for families with children.

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