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Hora, Ondřej – Sirovátka, Tomáš
Comparison of active employment policy effects in the Czech Republic in the period of growth (2007) and during the first phase of the crisis (2009)
Praha: RILSA, 2012. 61 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-106-3

The aim of this publication was to identify outcomes of active labour market programs (ALMP) in the period of economic recession (year 2009) in comparison to previous publication done in period of economic expansion (year 2007). The publication is based on statistical analyses using administration data of employment offices in the Czech Republic (OKpráce). It compares targeting of ALMP to unemployed and also compares outcomes with quasi control group of ALMP non participants for short and middle term period (1-18 months after end of the program). The programs in the Czech Republic were both in 2007 and 2009 relatively well targeted to most vulnerable groups such as parents of small children, persons with health handicaps and long-term unemployed. For most evidenced programs the positive outcomes were substantially more often than in the quasi control group. Outcomes of training programs were more positive in middle-term period than in short-term period. ALMP are (in comparison to control group) able to help overcoming some of individual handicaps and problems of unemployed people.

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