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Schebelle, Danica - Horáková, Milada
Barriers of the integration from the perspective of of Third Country Nationals
Prague: RILSA, 2012. 123 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-112-4

The main objective of the monograph processed within the project, funded by the European Integration Fund, was to work out a suitable tool for sociological investigation and implementation of a long-term periodic or ad-hoc monitoring of qualitative characteristics of the integration process of Third Country Nationals (TCNs) and the barriers to its development. The project also includes the implementation and evaluation of data obtained from the empirical survey aimed to map the barriers of the integration process as perceived by members of the selected groups of foreigners - Ukrainians, Vietnamese and Russians. The research was based on the assumption that the main qualitative indicators of the barriers to integration of Third Country Nationals can be specified and described by analysing and evaluating the attitudes of foreigners and thus to identify potential positive and negative aspects of their position in the Czech Republic, the relationships of foreigners with the Czech population and the barriers impending or preventing the process of their integration into society.

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