New publication of the RILSA

Vlach, Jan – Kozelský, Tomáš
Options of creating a unified methodology of monitoring labor costs in the Czech Republic and abroad (a draft of the certified methodology)
Prague: RILSA, 2013. 117 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-113-1

The monograph defines:
- data sources for monitoring of labor costs and labor as a production factor

- the methodology of:
     - labor costs monitoring,
     - labour's share in costs,
     - unit labor costs calculations,
     - analysis of the growth of unit labor costs.
The monograph was prepared by Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs within the project "Methodology for continuous labor costs monitoring and utilization in the Czech Republic in international comparison," which is co financed by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. The monograph should be the basis for certification of the proposed methodology.
Consistency of data sources and methodologies of their processing will eliminate different interpretations of the status of work in the reproduction of economic and social relations and will allow more detailed specification of Czech labor costs on world markets.

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