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Rákoczyová, Miroslava – Trbola, Robert – Vyhlídal, Jiří
Unemployment of foreigners in the Czech Republic
Prague: RILSA, 2013. 149 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-125-4

The labour market situation and rising unemployment, which occurred in the context of the economic crisis after 2008, has, amongst other, negative impacts on the status of foreign workers. In 2008, when foreign employment reached its peak, were three-quarters of all foreigners employed in low-skilled and unskilled positions. Within the following two years, employment of foreigners in this segment of the labour market decreased by 37%.
The monograph consists of two independent researches. The first part of the study is based on an analysis of quantitative data from the unemployment registers, which allow characterization of the registered unemployment of foreigners in the Czech Republic in terms of socio-demographic structure of foreign job-seekers, duration of their registration in the labour offices, as well as factors of their outflow from the unemployment, participation of foreigners in active measures etc. The second part takes form of a case study based on the analysis of qualitative data for which interviews with unemployed foreigners in Brno and surrounding areas were used as a source, to understand the experience of unemployment by foreigners themselves, to identify their strategies in this stage of life and to identify factors that cause their unemployment.

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New publication of the RILSA

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