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Vavrečková, Jana – Janata, Zdeněk
Subjective perception of subsistence minimum, income sufficiency, living standards of households and poverty
Prague: RILSA, 2014. 75 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-148-3

The monograph focuses on the analysis of the questionnaire survey of Czech households, which was conducted in the second half of 2012. This survey was part of the project "Verifying contents and construction of subsistence minimum and suggestions on the content and regulation" (sponsored by owner Technology Agency of the Czech Republic). The first part of the study is focused on the subjective assessment of the income situation of households, perceived poverty, assessment of living standards and related issues. The results are compared with thematically similar survey in 2002, which allows describing the development of the Czech public´s attitudes within ten years. The second part deals with the investigation of the real income level of households, explores households idea of subsistence level, the good and very good income and motivating minimum wage. Both parts of the publication place great importance on basic statistical dependencies in terms of identifying household and respondent.

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