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Barvíková, Jana – Šťastná, Anna
Use of measures to maintain or restore family relationships between parents and children

Prague: RILSA, 2014. 65 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-212-1

This monograph presents the results of a survey carried out on the extended competency of municipal authorities responsible for providing for the social and legal protection of children. The research focused on the use of so-called educational measures - the imposition of a warning, the supervision of a minor child, the imposition of restrictions (§ 13 of Act No. 359/1999 Coll., on the socio-legal protection of children) - and the imposition of the obligation to utilize the assistance of a professional counselling facility (§ 13 of the same Act). The monograph provides statistical data on the use of these measures in practice and an analysis of the reasons why they are not used very often, if at all. It also summarizes the suggestions of respondents regarding potential changes to the system that could contribute towards the increased use of such measures.

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