New publication of the RILSA

Höhne, Sylva – Šťastná, Anna – Šlapák, Milan
Main Economic and Social Indicators of the Czech Republic 1990 – 2014. Bulletin No 30.
Prague: RILSA, 2015. 75 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-214-5

The publication is published in annual periodicity with the whole-year data in the form of long-term time series mostly since 1990. It is a statistical survey of main economic indicators (production, productivity, employment, unemployment, prices, wages, foreign trade and balance of payments) and selected social indicators. It includes the area of taxes, social insurance premiums and the social health system. It also deals with demographic characteristics, employment by industry and international comparison of selected indicators relating to the lives of young people in EU member states.
Statistical data based on publications of Czech Statistical Office, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Finance or Czech National Bank, other indicators constructed on basis of legislative regulations.


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New publication of the RILSA

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