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 Schebelle, Danica - Kubát, Jan - Kotíková, Jaromíra - Vychová, Helena
Public opinion poll Third Country Nationals on integration issues, their view of the majority society and life in it
Praha: RILSA, 2015. 123 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-225-1

The main objective of the monograph, prepared as part of a project funded by the European Integration Fund, was a survey of public opinion of Third Country Nationals (TCNs), i.e. Ukrainians, Vietnamese, and Russians, on the issues of integration and their attitude to the majority society and the life in it. The findings of the survey contributed to mapping the attitudes and opinions of foreigners to integrate into Czech society and also unveiling their values and standards of behaviour. As part of the methodology, an empirical survey conducted in selected regional cities in the Czech Republic was carried out. The outputs of the survey have been enriched and deepened by knowledge acquired via secondary analysis of available relevant sources. The project also included a design of appropriate measures to promote and strengthen the integration process of third country nationals into the Czech majority society.

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