New publication of the RILSA

 Jahoda, Robert - Godarová, Jana
Estimating the cost of public budgets spent on one unemployed person
Praha: RILSA, 2016. 47 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-235-0

The unemployment is one of the factors which has a direct impact on the performance of the economy. This is one of the many reasons why this indicator is studied. Furthermore, there is a direct link between the unemployment rate and the government budgetary position; unemployed persons usually draw on social benefits and their tax payments to public budgets are lower. This study aims to comprehensively assess the impact of unemployment on the condition of both the income and the spending side of public budgets.
We based our quantification of the impact of unemployment on public budgets on earlier published studies. The study’s contributions are then as follows: (1) compared to the previous studies for the Czech Republic, we attempted to comprehensively capture the studied impacts, (2) we discuss the methodological problems that are associated with particular methods of the impact calculation, and (3) we propose other methods that we have developed to quantify some items. Publicly available statistical data were used to quantify the costs; another of the applied methods was the economic modelling.
The results of our study suggest that the annual costs of one year-round unemployed person amounted to about CZK 207 thousand for year 2014. These costs may be split mainly into uncollected taxes (about 44%) and the cost of various social benefits associated with unemployment (about 35%). We discuss the relevance of the results achieved and possibilities for improvement at the end of the monograph.

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