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Kuchařová, Věra – Paloncyová, Jana – Janurová, Kristýna
Securing the living conditions of children in families
Praha: RILSA, 2016. 194 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-252-7

The presented monograph is one of the outcomes of the “Families with children in the Czech Republic - Social-demographic and income analysis” project, conducted for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic, which investigated the structure of families with children including its regional differentiation, and their socio-economic situation with regard to their incomes and expenses, taking special account of costs related to children. The text loosely follows up on the “Families with children in the Czech Republic. Sociodemographic structure, financial and material conditions” publication, which presented an analysis of families’ financial and material situation based on representative data collected by the Czech Statistical Office. This monograph primarily treats data from the “Incomes and expenses of families with children 2015” sample survey, focusing on nuclear families with children up to 15 years old. The survey enabled a more detailed analysis of expenses with regard to specific family members and to their purpose than allowed by the CZSO representative data. It also examined the opinions of parents with underage children about their own financial situation, their contemporary experiences with selected aspects of family policy and their attitudes to family policy. Analysis primarily treated the data with regard to differences between two- and single-parent families, according to the number and age of children, and parents’ economic activity.

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New publication of the RILSA

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