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Kuchařová, Věra - Janurová (Peychlová), Kristýna
The size and structure of groups of people who are homeless and persons excluded from housing
Praha: RILSA, 2016. 174 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-228-2

The presented publication is one of two texts summarizing the results of the research project “Analysis of the size and structure of different groups of people who are homeless, excluded from housing, living in substandard housing and for whom housing expenses represent an unbearable burden.” The project was carried out in relation to the preparation of the new Act on Social Housing. Its aim was to map the population of potential users of social housing in terms of household structure and cohabitation forms, size and structure of family units, current housing forms, prevalence of persons with disabilities, and other characteristics. This publication specifically focuses on the homeless and persons vulnerable to housing exclusion due to unfavourable life circumstances. The analysis used available statistical and research data and data from a few questionnaire and telephone surveys carried out among social services providers and municipalities in order to complement for data which are not regularly collected. The text first presents an overview of the main data sources and research findings used, and then eight chapters structured according to the individual studies groups, defined so as to enable their quantification based on the available data. This includes people living rough, persons in night shelters, persons in homeless hostels, persons in half-way houses, users of social rehabilitation and emergency assistance social services, persons falling within the target group according to the definition of Czech Republic’s Population and Housing Census 2011 (homeless, living beyond flats and facilities and living in facilities), victims of domestic violence and persons leaving institutions.

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