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Konopásková, Jitka – Kořánová, Marie – Krinesová, Lenka – Suchomelová, Mirjam – Švehlová, Katarína
Assessment services in the area of social protection in selected EU countries in 2013
Praha: RILSA, 2017. 149 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-306-7

The publication addresses the arrangement of medical assessment services in terms of their connection with the decision-making process in selected European countries, particularly Central European countries. It contains a basic overview of assessment systems in Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Austria and, for comparison purposes, France and the United Kingdom. The study focuses on the organisational structure of assessment services in relation to individual areas of social protection. The information collected revealed that assessment systems for different areas of social protection are not organised uniformly and separately from benefits authorities. Individual social protection institutions, for their specific needs, have at their disposal organisations or, where appropriate, individuals who conduct assessment activities for them. In many cases, such activities are directly integrated into the organisational structure of the relevant institution.

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New publication of the RILSA

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