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Kořánová, Marie – Krinesová, Lenka –Magerská, Vítězslava - Suchomelová, Mirjam – Švehlová, Katarína
The organisation of health assessment in relation to decision-making processes in the social security systems of selected EU countries
Praha: RILSA, 2017. 248 pp. - 978-80-7416-306-7

The publication describes the organisation of the performance of assessment services in the social sphere in selected EU countries (Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, France and the United Kingdom) focusing particularly on the interconnection and linkages between the bodies which perform assessment services in the social sphere and the entities for which the outputs of assessment service are intended. The publication provides a comprehensive overview of current trends applied with respect to foreign assessment systems, in particular to the organisation of assessment services; the definition of the assessment agenda and territorial jurisdiction; the legal authority of assessment services, the rights and duties of assessed persons and third parties; rules which regulate the activities of assessment services, deadlines for submission of reports; remedies through administrative proceedings that can be invoked in the case of any doubt surrounding the results of such assessments; on the potential for judicial review, ensuring the staffing of assessment services, etc.

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