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Beran, Vlastimil – Říhová, Lenka
Data availability among the concerned institutions in the area of executions
Praha: RILSA, 2017. 42 pp.

Execution is reflected in many levels of life executed one. It affects his life in the psychological, social and economic spheres. Knowing the possible consequences of the execution, it is essential for the institutions concerned to have sufficient information in this area. The information base will enable them to act effectively and to mitigate the impacts of the execution. Within the framework of the initial research probe the research team therefore addressed selected public institutions, unions, chambers and associations. The main outcomes of the research probe revealed that none of the concerned institutions had a comprehensive database on individuals in execution. Subsequently, the research team carried out a quantitative survey at 261 concerned institutes' workplaces. In analyzing the answers from this survey, it became clear that the key issue in this area is the unavailability of data (data bases) for any analysis that should support the decision-making processes of institutions dealing with this problematics. Therefore, key questions in the area of executions were proposed. Knowledge of the answers to each of these questions in each case of execution will provide answers that will, in the whole, provide the central government bodies with the information necessary for effective solution of the problems associated with the execution in the Czech Republic.

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