The project „Moving Societies towards Integration?“

Project “Moving Socities towards Integration?” investigated the intercultural opening of different institutions in different social sub-systems of the host societies in seven European countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal). The EU Common Basic Principles for Immigrant Integration understand integration as a two-way process, which requires integration efforts not only from the immigrants, but from every resident of the host society (Common Basic Principles for Immigrant Integration in the European Union).
Project focuses on the side of the host society and how its various institutions prepare to the reality of migration and a culturally diverse society. Intercultural Opening refers to a social "learning process" that does not just include intercultural contents, but also includes knowledge of structures, organizational management and decision-making skills. Intercultural opening consequently should include the workforce and training of the workforce, the re-thinking of organizational structures, management skills and the development and delivery of intercultural contents.
Within the project attention has been paid to the role of institutions in the host society with regard to the situation of young, third country migrants under the age of 27. The first aim of the project was to describe and analyse the situation from this perspective in the selected social sub-system of the member country. For purposes of the analysis in the Czech Republic, the selected areas were the labour market and employment. Findings on this topic are covered in Section A of this report (Chapters 1-5). Another aim of the project was to identify and verify relevant international indicators of intercultural openness which could be common for various social sub-systems. Activities and interim outputs carried out by the project team on behalf of the Czech Republic are summarized in Section B (Chapters 6-9). Final outputs of this stage of the project are contained in the summary report elaborated by the project coordinator.

Outputs of the project (in English):

The report summarizing the findings for individual sub systems of all partner countries is available here:
Final report of the project:
Moving Societies towards Integration. - Eutin, CJD Eutin 2010. 187 pp.

Detailed results for the Czech Republic:

Intercultural opening of labour-market and employment institutions in the Czech Republic. National Report Czech Republic. /Horáková, Milada – Bareš, Pavel. - Praha 2010.

Intercultural opening of the labour market and employment institutions in the Czech Republic. National Sub-System Final Report. /Horáková, Milada – Bareš, Pavel. - Praha 2010.


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