New Bulletin

Horáková, Milada
International labour migration in the Czech Republic. Bulletin No. 25.
Prague, RILSA 2010. 69 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-072-1

The Bulletin contains up-to-date data and available time series on basic forms of the international labour migration into the Czech Republic (foreigners with work permits in the CR, Slovak citizens registered as employees by Labour offices, and foreigners with trade licenses) in breakdown to region, district and citizenship, as well as calculations of shares of basic forms of labour migration on labour force of the CR. Data on labour migration into the CR are amended in available time series for statistical data on number of foreigners with long-term and permanent residence permits in breakdown to country of origin of foreigners. Up-to-date data on economic activities of foreigners are related to numbers of residence permits issued to foreigners in breakdown to CR districts and country of origin of foreigners. The issue also contains available statistical data on labour migration of the Czech citizens to Slovakia and Germany. New tables contains data on foreigners working and living in the CR by gender.

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