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Vavrečková, Jana – Baštýř, Ivo
Indicators of the integration of third-country nationals into Czech society in the context of the requirements of European institutions
Prague, RILSA 2011. 62 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-081-3

The aim of the publication is to draw up the first proposal for a methodology for assessing the tools used to monitor the integration process of third-country nationals in the Czech Republic and thus to provide the government bodies responsible for assessing and adjusting integration policies with a set of key findings and information. The proposal is based on an analysis of the approaches to defining the systems for monitoring the integration of foreign nationals that are referred to in foreign specialist literature and on the requirements of European institutions regarding the monitoring of the results of member states’ integration policies. The proposed system of quantita¬tive indicators centrally monitoring integration processes and outcomes is founded on information drawn from the administrative databases of the Czech state administration. These databases contain key, often unpublished indicators that are arranged in a logical system creating a methodological aid for monitoring and assessing integration processes. The submitted methodology consists of three fundamental parts. The first part comprises the values of basic (key) indicators at half-year intervals. The second part comprises the values of comparative indicators for the group of third-country nationals and the set of all foreigners residing in the Czech Republic and the majority Czech population. The third part deals with analytical indicators, which are intended for more detailed study of the issue at hand. The publication also contains some findings from empirical surveys of representatives of non-governmental non-profit organisations regarding the issue. Considerable attention is paid to the requirements placed by the EU on monitoring systems for the integration of third-country nationals and an assessment of their applicability in the conditions of the Czech Republic.

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