New publicatio of the RILSA

Musilová. Zdeňka – Šlapák, Milan – Holub, Martin (eds.)
Occupational schemes of pension insurance in selected EU counties, Switzerland and the United States
Prague, RILSA 2011. - 96 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-087-5

The goal of the publication is the description of the trajectory of pension system in 5 specific member states of the European Union (Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Sweden and Great Britain), Switzerland, and the US. We focus especially on the description of the second pillar, as pension occupational schemes. These schemes are analyzed from several factors point of view, i.e. participation, contributions, type of pension scheme, taxation of the pensions. The outcome of the publication is the summary of the main trends in the pension systems trajectory.

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New publication of the RILSA

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New publication of the RILSA

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