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Rákoczyová, Miroslava – Trbola, Robert – Vyhlídal, Jiří
Local strategies of foreigners´integration in the Czech Republic II (the case of city of Brno)
Prague, RILSA 2011. 69 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-089-9

The RILSA study in 2008 focused on the analysis of local integration strategies in the Czech Republic showed a low degree of involvement of municipalities and local bodies in the process of social integration of immigrants residing in the locality, which is reflected in the underdevelopment of the related agenda. In this publication, we therefore give deeper analysis of policies and procedures of key institutions, integration of measures and approaches to issues of integration of foreigners at the local level, particularly in the case of city of Brno. Within the institutional background, we focused on the role, activities and contribution of all key local actors in promoting social integration of immigrants in the city. Analysing the interviews with representatives of local actors and the studying of relevant documents of institutions participating in the process of integration of foreigners, we came to the conclusion that however Brno may be considered as a town with developing institutional conditions for the integration of foreigners, especially in relation to a South Moravian Regional Centre for Integration of Foreigners, the development of platform of actors of integration, their mutual communication and coordination, there still occur significant failure in the coordination of this process. These barriers largely result from the functioning of organizations active in the social integration of foreigners. The most significant amongst them are those to delivery of services to foreigners, but also barriers to collaboration amongst actors. A certain degree of lack of clarity of roles and competencies focused on different dimensions of integration will ultimately lead to reducing the effect of policy measures to support this process.

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