New publication of the RILSA

Šimíková, Ivana
Finding examples of good practice: programmes funded by the European Social Fund in the Czech Republic aimed at improving access of disadvantaged groups in the labor market

Prague, RILSA 2011. - 73 pp.

In recent decades several fundamental changes took place in the labour markets that have implications for the nature of work, the nature of labor markets and their actors. We are talking about the differentiations of the risks, segmentation of labour markets and labour protection dualistic strategy, combining high productivity and high wages with high unemployment and a high degree of social protection. Many of the tools of active employment policy are being supported under the European Social Fund. Some writers are quite skeptical about the capacity of these measures address the negative effects of the trends described above and points on their evaluation deficit that is problem in the Czech Republic also. There is a lack of a comprehensive overview of the measures as such, their evaluation and thus the examples of those programs that have failed. This study then aims to contribute to the partial filling of the deficit and to evaluate just two of the programs funded by the European Social Fund, which focused on the increasing access to the labor market one of the disadvantaged groups in Czech conditions.

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New publication of the RILSA

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