New publication of the RILSA

Šimíková, Ivana
Analysis of the database of beneficiaries of material need: evaluation of the role of housing costs and benefits associated with housing in relation to the beneficiaries of material need
Prague: RILSA, 2012. 67 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-111-7

In recent years, experts’ interest on research of social assistance systems, such as a system of an income support in the context of Czech Republic, is increasing. Until recently, this system was considered as residual and insurance schemes as especially crucial. According to some authors, complementarity of the system was distorted in the last 15 years, especially by trends in the labor market and the further destabilization of the family. So there is a lack of coverage of new social situations with traditional instruments of the welfare state, and a growing portion of the population is included in the last safety net, for which is social assistance regarded. It is therefore important to pay more analytical and systematic attention to it and this monograph is one such attempt in the context of the Czech Republic. Objects rather descriptive analyzes are beneficiaries of income support, existence minimum and supplement for housing, in 6 consecutive seasons, which begin in December 2008 and ending June 2011. The analysis will focus mainly on the structure of households (in terms of number of members, the presence of dependent children, etc.) and on an assessment of the role of the supplement for housing, which play in the cost of housing and total incomes of the households.

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New publication of the RILSA

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