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Halásková, Renáta
The importance of standardization of social services at the time of liberalization
Prague: RILSA, 2013. 137 pp.  - ISBN 978-80-7416-118-6

The monograph aims to define social services in the Czech Republic as an important segment of public services at a time when a number of these services are in the process of liberalization and privatization. Attention is paid to the standardization of services in general and standardization of social services from the qualitative and quantitative view. One of the outputs is a proposal of a new financial standard of services of social care. The section of application in the monograph is based on statistical data for the period of 2007-2011. The level of availability of social services facilities on the territory of the Czech Republic according to regions was analysed in the form of time series and then confronted with the recommended standards for selected social care services intended for the elderly such as homes for the elderly, weekly and daily social welfare institutions, domiciliary service, centres of daily services and other.

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