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Hála, Jaroslav - Čambáliková, Monika - Pfeiferová, Štěpánka - Píšl, Radek - Vácha, Jan - Veverková, Soňa
Systems of social dialogue focusing on the employment sector in selected EU countries
Prague: RILSA, 2013. 373 p. - ISBN 978-80-7416-126-1

The purpose of the section of the project entitled "Sustainability of social dialogue in the Czech Republic - the development of the quality of services of representatives of employers, No. CZ.1.04/1.1.01/02.00012" was to draw up analytical studies on national systems of social dialogue and collective bargaining in selected European countries (France, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia and the United Kingdom). On the basis of these national monographs, written according to a pre-defined uniform structure depicting development in the past ten to fifteen years, a general comparison of system components has been produced. The aim of the comparison was to determine: the fundamental elements of the legislative framework of social dialogue and collective bargaining, the social partnership system, the system regarding employee and employer interest representation and the tripartite and bipartite social dialogue systems including bipartite bargaining and the capacity thereof.
The monograph has been supplemented with an analysis of transnational negotiations and bargaining with particular regard to transnational company collective agreements in Europe as well as at the world-wide scale. This topic has not been studied in depth to date, however, in terms of social dialogue in Europe and the increase in the number and influence of multinational companies, the subject is likely to become increasingly important in future years.

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New publication of the RILSA

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