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Paloncyová, Jana – Barvíková, Jana – Kuchařová, Věra - Svobodová , Kamila - Šťastná, Anna
Family behavior and family policy as a context of day care for children in France and in the Czech Republic
Prague? RILSA, 2013. 95 p. - ISBN 978-80-7416-127-8

This monograph is the introductory outcome of the project “New forms of child day care in the Czech Republic.” The project aims to propose ways to broaden the offer of non-family day care services in the Czech Republic on the basis of good practice examples from France, a country with a very progressive system of non-institutional care, which has proved efficient in practice and is continuously being developed. The first part of the monograph briefly outlines the development of the family behaviour of the Czech and French populations, which provides a necessary frame for a good understanding of the general philosophy of the family and social policy of each country. The second part of the monograph illustrates the development of social and family policy in both countries, to which the systems of non-family child day care are closely related.

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