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Kuchařová, Věra
Economic conditions reconciling family and work in the Czech Republic and France: Comparison with a focus on the context of the needs and interest in child day care
Prague: RILSA, 2013. 93 p. - ISBN 978-80-7416-128-5

This monograph is the second of three publications produced as part of the research project "New forms of child day care in the Czech Republic". The project focuses on the ways of improving the accessibility of good quality and diverse non-family child day care. The main instrument is the examination of the possibilities of transferring good practices from France. This publication deals with a sphere that is crucial in this context as it determines the transferability of the French experience to the Czech society - economic conditions. Namely, it focuses on employment, paying special attention to women's employment and gender inequalities. The objective of our examination is the dependence of young families' living conditions on the forms of employment and employment rate in both countries. Attention is also paid to work-life balance strategies and to the ways a higher (in France) or a lower (in C.R.) supply of child day care services reflects in the employment rates of mothers of young children and in women's professional careers.

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