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Schebelle, Danica – Horáková, Milada – Bareš, Pavel – Kubát, Jan
Continuous monitoring of barriers to the integration of Third Country Nationals with respect to assistance services
Prague: RILSA, 2013. 166 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-146-9

The main objective of the monograph, processed under the project funded by the European Integration Fund, was to build on the methodology of the continuous monitoring of barriers to the integration of Third Country Nationals, which was designed and verified in the framework of the project EIF-26 "Barriers to integration process reflections of Third Country Nationals", as well as modification of this methodology with respect to monitoring of assistance services. Within the context of assistance services, the emphasis was mainly on the relationship between their supply and demand by selected groups of foreigners-Ukrainians, Vietnamese and Russians for these services. Within this methodology, the empirical questionnaire survey has been performed and evaluated. The results were extended by an analysis of foreigners‘ attitudes and opinions resulting from in-depth interviews and an analysis of available data concerning the range of assistance services, whose compliance with the needs expressed by Third Country Nationals can significantly contribute to the process of their integration into society.

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