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 Beran, Vlastimil - Říhová, Lenka
Monitoring of labour costs in the Czech Republic, states of the European Union and USA in 2008 – 2013. Bulletin No. 9
Praha: RILSA, 2015. 56 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-237-4

Monitoring of labor costs summarizes the fragmented data for States of the European Union and dates for USA in the area of labor costs, labor taxation in relation to financing of social and health insurance, labor's share of the cost and unit labor costs. To describe the trends we present data for the period of 2008-2013. Due to methodological discrepancies of monitoring of labor costs we determined as sources actual and internationally comparable dates from Eurostat, labor statistics and the national accounts, from OECD, from the final state budget of the Czech Republic and from U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis. Precisation and completion of dates is based on the proposed certified methodology for labor costs monitoring and labor as a production factor in the Czech Republic and abroad." The two-year delay is a consequence of processing time of input data at Eurostat and Czech Statistical Office.

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