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 Průša, Ladislav - Langhamrová, Jana - Bareš, Pavel - Holub, Martin
Costs of providing nursing and rehabilitation care in residential facilities of social services
Praha: RILSA, 2015. 64 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-232-9

Financing of nursing care in institutions with residential social services has long been one of the major problems in providing social services. Health insurance companies - especially VZP (Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna) - in conflict with applicable law do not pay for social service costs indicated by doctors and performed by nursing staff of declared care. It puts pressure on doctors to provide this form of care for clients of institutions with residential services and within its revision activities trying to minimize the extent of actually provided care, which they should pay.
The aim of this monograph is therefore analyse the results of a survey on the extent of nursing care in institutions with residential social services, which was implemented at the end of 2014. The aim was also to compare the results obtained with the actual expenditure of health insurance companies for this form of care and on this basis to propose a solution that would help to remedy the deficiencies of the current situation.

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