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 Barvíková, Jana - Paloncyová, Jana
Children, parents and domestic violence
Praha: RILSA, 2016. 217 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-245-9

The presented monograph summarizes the findings from research conducted as part of the “Three pillars of safety” project implemented by Acorus, z.ú., an organisation helping victims of domestic violence. The goal of the research carried out by the Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs, v.v.i. as the project partner was to systematically map the clientele of the residential services of Acorus, z.ú., and to use qualitative methods to generate data for a complex evaluation of the influence of domestic violence on the psychosocial development of a child. The monograph consists of two parts. The first presents the results of a quantitative analysis of data on clients extracted from the organisation’s client database. The second part is a very detailed analysis of the impact of domestic violence on children and their further life. Its conclusions draw on in-depth interviews and focus groups conducted with the workers of Acorus, z.ú., but in most part are based on in-depth interviews with young people who witnessed domestic violence as children, which served as the main source of information. Their goal was to find out what domestic violence looks like from the perspective of children, what kind of support children in such a situation most need from professionals and their surroundings and what impact domestic violence has on their lives. This data was complemented with therapists´ interviews with the current child clients of Acorus’s Locika centre, who had witnessed or still do witness domestic violence, which provided context for the key findings.

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