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Höhne, Sylva - Kuchařová, Věra - Paloncyová, Jana
Families with children: Social-demographic structure, financial and material situation
Praha: RILSA, 2016. 176 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-246-6

The aim of this monograph was to analyse both the structure of families with children, including its regional differentiation, and their socio-economic situation with regard to their incomes and expenses, taking special account of costs related to childcare. First, the usability of available data about demographic behaviour, the structure of families, incomes and costs was evaluated. The demographic analysis is based on the Czech 2011 Population and Housing Census, the economic analysis is based on the Statistics on Income and Living Conditions survey and the Household Budget Survey 2014. Family structure was studied with respect to the number of parents in a family (two-parent and single parent family), number of children, children’s age, and parents’ economic activity. We focused on the same family characteristics in connection with the financial and material situation of families with children, their housing conditions, the risk of poverty and material deprivation, and the level of difficulty experienced by the household in making ends meet. The analysis also deals with the ability of families to financially fulfil selected material and social needs of children less than 15 years old. Specific childcare-related expenses both in education and children’s clothing are included.

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