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Musil, Libor - Bareš, Pavel – Havlíková, Jana (Eds.)
Performance profession of social work in social protection systems in the CR
Praha: RILSA, 2017. 532 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-240-4

Monograph presents results of research project which captured selected conditions and characteristics of social work in different systems of social protection of the Czech Republic being valid at the time of projects’ implementation (ie. 2010-2011). The first part describes theoretical and methodological grounding, approaches to social work in four European countries and in the United States and legislative definition of social work in the Czech Republic. The second part deals with methodology of empirical surveys and charactierizes analytical approach which was applied to the data gathered. The third part presents the results of empirical research. It is divided into seven chapters according to social protection subsystems in which is social work being performed. It concerns namely performance of social work in organizations working in areas coordinated by ministries of justice, interior, health and education and by the Ministry of labour and social affairs (in this case social services and labour offices are treated separately) as well as the performance of social work at municipalities. The fourth part summarizes the main trends and contains a list of proposed recommendations.
Before the official release of this monograph, many significant changes affected the performance of social work in areas treated in this research (this concerns mainly the position and activities of the rebuilt Labour Office and amendments of agendas committed to municipalities). Though these circumstances, the monograph still provides solid grounds for further study of social work in different areas of its performance in the CR and should supply readers with a comprehensive knowledge (with many findings still being in force) about monitored areas of social work, because the research had extraordinarily broad scope and its intention was to concern mainly on most general characteristics (which were comparable across the different areas).

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