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Havlíková, Jana - Hubíková, Olga
Cooperation between social workers and doctors: an example of assessment process of the care allowance
Praha: RILSA, 2017.. 75 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-308-1

Currently in the Czech environment cooperation between doctor and social worker has been realised to the greatest extent, in the number of participating experts, in the context of agenda on Care Allowance (CA). Cooperation between the doctors of Medical Assessment Service and social workers at the local branches of the Czech Employment Office in the eligibility assessment process of the CA began in 2007. The study is embedded in social work perspective. The aim of this study is after seven years of this cooperation, as the study is based on qualitative data collected in 2014 during research project “Utilisation of information gathered via social investigation for the purpose of comprehensive social work with the Care Allowance claimants” (TD020037), to analyse what type of multidisciplinary cooperation has been established in this agenda, and simultaneously to recognize the factors that affect this cooperation. The results of the analyses indicate that the type of interactions that take place between the two disciplines and experts under the CA eligibility assessment has the closest to a multidisciplinary model with elements of interdisciplinarity. At the same time it is clear that collaboration between the assessing doctors and social workers, is influenced by many factors, one of the most important seems to be the unreflected professional socialization and professional perspectives of involved experts. In Conclusion, we propose a procedure by which it would be possible to regulate the influence of this factor.

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