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Höhne, Sylva – Nešporová, Olga – Svobodová, Kamila
The socio-economic impact of a death on Czech households
Praha: RILSA, 2018. 94 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-315-9

The monograph describes the impact of the death of a household member on the socio-economic situation of different types of households. The first part identifies the costs directly related to the death, i.e. the costs incurred by survivors associated with the funeral arrangements and issues connected with inheritance proceedings and the settlement of the estate. While total costs typically amount to tens of thousands of Czech crowns, they differ substantially depending on the value of the estate, the complexity of the inheritance proceedings, the type of funeral and with respect to the region of the Czech Republic. A separate part of the study presents a model comparison of the effects of the death of a family member on the overall family income situation. Changes in the income situation were observed with respect to the death of an old-age pensioner in a senior couple, the death of the main breadwinner in a complete family with children, that of a childless partner of productive age and that of a child raised by a single parent. It was determined that an immediate drop in household income can be expected in the first four months following the death of a household member, i.e. prior to the granting of the survivors’ pension and other social benefits and the conclusion of inheritance proceedings. If the survivors do not have an adequate financial reserve, they may find themselves facing substantial financial difficulties.

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New publication of the RILSA

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