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Kuchařová, Věra - Barvíková, Jana - Janurová, Kristýna - Höhne, Sylva - Paloncyová, Jana - Svobodová, Kamila
Families in the middle stage of the family cycle
Praha: RILSA, 2018. 144 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-314-2

The publication is dedicated to families in the middle stage of the family cycle, i.e. families with school-age and adolescent children. Whilst increased attention has recently been devoted to families at the outset of parenthood, it is no less important that the next stage of the family cycle be considered, at which time families often face increasing demands in terms of the financial and organisational provision of their children’s education, the emergence of new challenges for both the parents and the wider family concerning the raising of their children and preparing them for their future lives, problems with intra-family and partner relationships, etc. Moreover, as a result of the general shifting of parenthood to older ages, such families may even be faced with having to care for their own partly-dependent parents whilst still caring for dependent children. The monograph begins by describing the demographic structure and socio-economic situation of families with children in the middle stage of the family cycle based on statistical surveys conducted by the Czech Statistical Office. The main analysis is based on a sample survey of parents of school-age and adolescent children, and presents their opinions, attitudes, problems, general needs and living conditions. The various chapters of the study are devoted to partnerships, parenthood, income and the material situation of such families, the reconciliation of work and family life, intergenerational relations, the education of the children and their leisure activities, problems and disharmony within the family and, finally, a consideration of relevant family policy measures.

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New publication of the RILSA

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