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Mertl, Jiří – Bareš, Pavel
Employing person during and after imprisonment and employers' approach to these persons
Praha: RILSA, 2018. 42 pp. - ISBN 978-80-7416-323-4

This study presents results of the research carried out in the project "Impacts of digitization of work on employment, collective bargaining and social security of employees". However, given the specific focus, the assignment of this research differed significantly from other research carried out within this project.
The research focused on the situation of a person after his or her release from the prison and has conducted analysis of how this situation affects his or her working career / employment history. In this research, there were investigated circumstances which affect working life of the individual. At the same time, the analysis reflected interrelationships between employment history and criminal history. This knowledge helped to identify and describe factors which improve or, on the contrary, exacerbate the chances of released persons on the labour market. The research design also allowed to observe internal dynamics of key circumstances which determine their employment opportunities.

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