Number  Title  Years
9137/14 National study on evaluating the performance of employment services, focusing particularly on their capacity to ensure compliance with employment legislation 2014-2015 
DC401/2014 The economic benefit provided by working immigrants, especially second and subsequent generations 2014-2014 
EIF_2012-05 The contributon of the integration centres to the integration of third country foreigners. The case study 2013-2014 
EIF_2012-04 Monitoring of quantitative and qualitative indicators of the integration of third country nationals in the Czech Republic with an emphasis on family reunification and drawing of social benefits 2013-2014 
9140/15 Labour Relations and Social Dialogue in Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe 2013-2015 
9132/12 Promoting a balanced and inclusive recovery from crisis in Europe through sound industrial relations and social dialogue 2012-2012 
EIF_2011–07 Monitoring of barriers of the integration of third country aliens (TCAS) with regard to activities od assistant services 2012-2013 
TD010156 Utilisation of interconnected databases of registers related to unemployment and assistance payments in material need to monitor the situation in active inclusion 2012-2013 
DC108/2012 Age discrimination (ageism) survey – third wave 2012-2013 
6256/11 Evaluation of the operation and effects of information and consultation directives in the EU/EEA countries – Fitness Check 2011-2011 
EIF2010-26 Barriers of the integration from the perspective of third country aliens (TCAS) 2011-2012 
6255/11 Analyses of social dialogue and flexible forms of work in selected EU countries 2011-2012 
6252/11 Comprehensive solution to the employment promotion system for persons with disabilities, proposed methodology, analytical background documentation, preparation of systemic changes and educational materials in relation to other projects of vocational training 2011-2012 
DC14/2011 Labour market recovery after the crisis 2011-2011 
HC193/10 Assessment of threat to the labour market and effective measures under changing conditions 2010-2010 
HC196/10 Profiling and targeting of employment services 2010-2010 
HC206/10 Optimization of work of advisers for employment mediation in labour offices in the Czech Republic 2010-2011 
9133/11 Social Dialogue and a Participation Strategy in the Global Delivery industry: Challenging Precarious Employment Relations 2010-2012 
9137/10 Flexicurity in Time of Crisis 2010-2011 
122-2011D Estimating of educational needs in regions of the Czech Republic 2010-2012 
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