Number  Title  Years
625917/2017 Employing person during and after imprisonment and employers' approach to these persons 2017-2017 
CZ.03.3.X/0.0/0.0/15_124/0006496 2017-2019 
6256/2016 Employment of people who have a problem be employed on the labour market in the CR 2016-2016 
6920/2016 The role of women - migrants in the process of the integration of the families of migrants into the majority society of the Czech Republic with regard to their socio-cultural specificities 2016-2016 
6921/2016 Indicators of the integration of third country nationals in the Czech Republic 2016-2016 
DC514/2016 Cooperation between the Labour Office of the Czech Republic and employers with concern to the placement of third country nationals in the Czech labour market and potential further use for the purposes of continuous monitoring 2016-2016 
9141/16 Industrial Relations in Central and Eastern Europe: Challenges Ahead of Economic Recovery 2016-2017 
DC527/2016 Screening of the conditions governing working, medical, social and pedagogical rehabilitation in the Czech Republic 2016-2017 
DC506/2015 The impact on employment of an eventual downturn in the gaming industry 2015-2015 
DC510/2015 An analysis of the use of European micro-financing tools and an analysis of the potential for increasing the participation of the Czech Republic in the context of micro-financing and social entrepreneurship 2015-2015 
9138/15 Changing Working Time Patterns and Sustainable Employment in Europe 2015-2016 
9135/16 Social Conditions in Urban Public Transport Companies in Europe – the case of the Czech Republic 2015-2016 
9136/16 Monitoring the application of the Quality Framework for the Anticipation of Change and Restructuring 2015-2016 
9139/15 Health and well-being of older workers in five European countries 2015-2015 
2013-02 Public opinion poll tcn on integration issues, their view of the majority society and life in it 2014-2015 
9136/15 Atypical Forms of Aircrew Employment in the European Aviation Industry - The Czech Republic Report 2014-2014 
TD020195 New methods of developing and using unemployment database for evaluation of active labour market programs and other inclusive measures 2014-2015 
TD020381 The reform of public employment services in the Czech Republic 2014-2015 
DC413/2014 Analysis of the factual and legal definition of the status of a person with disability within the employment system and employment support for persons with disabilities in selected European countries 2014-2014 
DC402/2014 The illegal employment of foreigners (in particular) and its impact on the public budget 2014-2014 
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New publication of the RILSA

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