Number  Title  Years
TD020176 The costs of providing nursing and rehabilitation care in residential social services 2014-2015 
DC2014 The abuse of social benefits - selected issues 2014-2014 
DC406/2014 Monitoring of Changes in Foreign Pension Schemes 2014-2014 
DC207/2013 Minimum conditions for old-age pension entitlement 2013-2014 
DC208/2013 Methods of the pension contribution cap definition 2013-2014 
DC206/2013 Methods for automatically adjusting the retirement age to life expectancy in selected EU countries 2013-2014 
DC209/2013 The procedural relationship between medical assessment services and benefits bodies in foreign arrangements 2013-2013 
DC201/2013 The income poverty and material deprivation of seniors in the Czech Republic in the broader context 2013-2015 
DC205/2013 Monitoring of Changes in Foreign Pension Schemes 2013-2013 
TD010104 Indicators of the strategy fighting poverty and social exclusion in the Czech Republic 2012-2013 
TD010042 Concept of social assistance and methodology integrating social work and provision of benefits in material need 2012-2013 
DC104/2012 Reassessment the institute of survivor pensions in the light of demographic changes 2012-2012 
DC105/2012 Sharing pension assessment bases between spouses and partners living in non-marital forms of cohabitation 2012-2012 
DC103/2012 Information service on acquired pension rights 2012-2013 
DC102/2012 Method and processes leading to compilation of National evaluation reports on pension systems in selected European countries and USA 2012-2012 
DC7/2012 The early phase of implementation of the reform within the agenda of assistance in material need 2012-2012 
DC114/2012 Monitoring of Changes in Foreign Pension Schemes 2012-2012 
HC216/11 The introduction of two-stage procedure in a decision on benefits of pension insurance in the CR 2011-2011 
HC217/11 Solution of the loss of income due to temporary incapacity to work, pregnancy and maternity in the EU member states 2011-2011 
DC4/2011 Role of social worker, treating and assessment-providing physicians in the care allowance granting process 2011-2011 
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Monitoring of labour costs in the Czech Republic, States of the European Union and the USA in the the period of 2010-2015. Bulletin No. 11

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