Number  Title  Years
HR149/06 Comparison of social security contributions, unemployment and health insurance and taxes collection 2006-2006 
HR151/06 The possibilities of personal income tax, social security contributions, unemployment and health insurance collection and enforcement unification 2006-2006 
1J046/05-DP1 Gender in management 2005-2008 
1J047/05-DP1 The Socioeconomic Position of Self-Employed People in Society 2005-2007 
HB04-03 Social consequences of the integration of the Czech Republic into European Union 2003-2003 
HS61/01 The revision of the content and the construction of the minimum living standard and setting of its subsistence level 2001-2002 
IBS7028004 Social aspects of housing and its change during the transition in the Czech Republic in context with the adjustment to the EU standards 2000-2002 
RV46/98 Low Income Groups of Population and Feasibility of Affecting Them by Various Types of Income: Salaries, Wages and Social Protection Benefits 1998-1998 
RV28 Social-economic Motivation of the (Czech) Labour Market for the Employment of Economically Active, Low Income Persons in Productive Age 1996-1997 
RV11 The analysis of the determination and of the rules of subsistence level 1995-1996 
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