Number  Title  Years
DC412/2014 Analysis of the possibility of the concurrent payment of the retirement pension and income from gainful employment in countries not covered by the standardised collection of information in the MISSOC and MISSCEO databases 2014-2014 
MIMEN_9134/14 Migrant Men’s Well-being in Diversity 2014-2015 
TD020195 New methods of developing and using unemployment database for evaluation of active labour market programs and other inclusive measures 2014-2015 
TD020381 The reform of public employment services in the Czech Republic 2014-2015 
TD020330 Selected aspects of care for the elderly in terms of social inclusion 2014-2015 
TD020399 Long-term development strategy of social services in the city Pisek as a municipality with extended competences in 2030 2014-2015 
TD020176 The costs of providing nursing and rehabilitation care in residential social services 2014-2015 
DC413/2014 Analysis of the factual and legal definition of the status of a person with disability within the employment system and employment support for persons with disabilities in selected European countries 2014-2014 
DC402/2014 The illegal employment of foreigners (in particular) and its impact on the public budget 2014-2014 
DC2014 The abuse of social benefits - selected issues 2014-2014 
DC415/2014 Families with children in the Czech Republic – Social-demographic and income analysis 2014-2015 
9137/14 National study on evaluating the performance of employment services, focusing particularly on their capacity to ensure compliance with employment legislation 2014-2015 
DC406/2014 Monitoring of Changes in Foreign Pension Schemes 2014-2014 
DC401/2014 The economic benefit provided by working immigrants, especially second and subsequent generations 2014-2014 
EIF_2012-05 The contributon of the integration centres to the integration of third country foreigners. The case study 2013-2014 
EIF_2012-04 Monitoring of quantitative and qualitative indicators of the integration of third country nationals in the Czech Republic with an emphasis on family reunification and drawing of social benefits 2013-2014 
DC207/2013 Minimum conditions for old-age pension entitlement 2013-2014 
DC208/2013 Methods of the pension contribution cap definition 2013-2014 
DC206/2013 Methods for automatically adjusting the retirement age to life expectancy in selected EU countries 2013-2014 
DC209/2013 The procedural relationship between medical assessment services and benefits bodies in foreign arrangements 2013-2013 
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