Title:Total labour costs in public administration
Project leader:Ing. Jan Vlach
Funding provider:MPSV
Project leader-external:
Co-worker (external):
Project start:2011
Project end:2011
Recipient:VÚPSV, v.v.i.

The aim of this research project is a comprehensive critical evaluation of the functionality of the system of total labour costs formation, allocation of fringe benefits, to obtain the summary findings from the central public administration bodies and self-government and recommendations for financial adjustments to ensure their effective operation from public resources. The subject of research will be indirect labour costs, particularly voluntary fringe benefits, of civilian civil servants. The project will focus on the analysis of the formation of total labor costs in the public sector as a whole, evaluation of the structure and relations of total labor costs in public administration, analysis of motivational effects of complex of total labor costs institutes, assessment of legislation, evaluation of the total labour costs development in public administration in 2000-2009, proposals for modifications of the formation of the total labor costs system in public administration.

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