Title:Long-term monitoring and evaluation of the labour-price formation process
Project leader:Ing. Jan Vlach
Funding provider:MPSV
Project leader-external:
Co-worker (external):
Project start:2010
Project end:2011
Recipient:VÚPSV, v.v.i.

The formation processes of wages and labour costs connect the economic and social spheres, have an impact on relations among social partners and other social groups, influence competitiveness of domestic companies and quality of labour force and reflect mechanisms of distribution and re-distribution processes. Their nominal and real levels are in a mutual interaction with a movement of work productivity and a price level. The cost of labour and mechanisms of the price formation have an impact on the social structure, behaviour of the population, public budget policy and behaviour of entrepreneurial entities. The on-going process of price and wage convergence is accompanied with a range of imbalances, especially in the labour market and in the income of the population groups endangered by social tensions.
The aim of the research is to check possibilities for changes to the level and composition of labour costs in the Czech Rep. that would have a positive impact on the business environment, motivate employees and have an optimal influence on relations among the state, employers and employees and social groups of the population whose income heavily depends on the budgets funded from labour costs. Potential solutions are limited by public budget balance, competitiveness of the Czech economy and employability of labour force.
Using a regular and systematic monitoring of labour costs, the research in 2010–2011 focused on evaluation of manifestations and impacts of the economic crisis on the labour cost and labour unit costs in the EU countries and in the USA. Rigidity of national labour markets and the scope of anti-crisis measures showed in the labour costs in different countries with a different strength.

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