Title:An analysis of the use of European micro-financing tools and an analysis of the potential for increasing the participation of the Czech Republic in the context of micro-financing and social entrepreneurship
Project leader:Mgr. Aleš Kroupa
Funding provider:MPSV
Co-worker:Ing. Soňa Veverková
Project leader-external:
Co-worker (external):
Project start:2015
Project end:2015
Recipient:VÚPSV, v.v.i.

 The project provided a description of both public and private funding and guarantee instruments that are currently available in the Czech Republic (from foreign as well as domestic sources). It was discovered that many of the funding instruments available from public sources are, in practice, unavailable to micro-enterprises (due to too high principles which fail to correspond to the needs of micro-enterprises, administrative demands, an emphasis on innovation, etc.) despite the fact that these tools are aimed directly at small and medium-sized enterprises and micro-enterprises. In the private sector, although banks do not offer loan and guarantee products suitable for micro-enterprises (the level of risk is too high), new start-up enterprises are able to take advantage of newly-available private instruments - peer to peer loans, crowdfunding, etc. Generally, while accepting that the current availability of funding instruments serving micro-enterprises is limited, the results of the analysis revealed that the most important criterion in terms of finding a suitable funding instrument leading to the launching of a micro-enterprise consists of a high-quality business plan. In addition to the Czech Republic, the project also included experience with micro-financing in Slovakia and Romania.