Title:Multidisciplinarity in the assessment of entitlement to care allowance
Project leader:prof. PhDr. Libor Musil, CSc.
Funding provider:TA ČR
Co-worker:Mgr. Olga Hubíková
Project leader-external:
Co-worker (external):
Project start:2016
Project end:2016
Recipient:VÚPSV, v.v.i

The aim of this project was to collect knowledge about the concept of multidisciplinarity, in particular in relation to the application of social work skills, in the assessment of entitlement to care allowance under the Act on Social Services. The feasibility and potential benefits of applying this concept were investigated especially in relation both to the purpose of this benefit and the care needs of the target groups of beneficiaries of the care allowance by the type of their disability. Findings of the research were used for the formulation of alternative way of assessing the entitlement to care allowance. The suggested alternative way consists above all in strengthening the multidisciplinary principles in the process of assessment.

Co-workers: Mgr. Olga Hubíková, Mgr. Jana Havlíková, Ph.D., PhDr. Kateřina Kubalčíková, Ph.D., Mgr. Zuzana Durajová, Ing. Vlastimil Beran, Ph.D.

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